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Unswerving cyclist
14 Mar 2002
Just installed a completely useless, but funny code that must be familiar to everyone using Usenet. On IRC each

action is replaced with the username. It looks as follows:

/me thinks this is a cool hack!


PS: the preview window will show /me, the new post however will display your username.
/me says:

Just expanding the forum's bandwidth of communication techniques...

/me jumps excitedly

Welcome back, Peter! I hope you had a nice time (well, I'm sure about it!).
Well, i'm bankrupt from shopping too much and my legs are all swollen from insectbites. I had a great time... :)

Didn't buy that much cd's though. Just eight and two of those were from Thai artists instead of Japanese.

/me wants to go back!!
Yeah, anybody got a job for me overthere?

At least it would make visiting Japan a lot easier and cheaper.
DJ on Koh Pee Pee island... or in Japan: why not work at Huis Ten Bosch? :)
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