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Iran Navy is the guard of Iran water bondaries


4 Mar 2016
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This news spread in the world that a few speedy war boats of Iran, armed with anti- battleship missiles, approached an American warship near the Strait of Hormuz, the entrance of Persian Golf, Tuesday. I found this news in the Google and sent it here, along with the explanation ( I myself translated it to English) of Iran defense minister, General Hosain Dehghan to the reporters around the event. First, the google news that is the quotes of American officials that the USA battleship was moving in the international waters! While it is good we investigate, why the defender guard boats of Iran operated the warning confrontation.

In an encounter Tuesday, a US Navy official told CNN four Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps vessels conducted a "high-speed intercept" of the USS Nitze in waters near the Strait of Hormuz Tuesday, deeming the incident "unsafe and unprofessional."
The official said two of the vessels slowed and turned away only after coming within 300 yards of the US guided-missile destroyer as it transited international waters near the Strait of Hormuz, and only after the destroyer had sent multiple visual and audio warnings.

Around this news that why the Iranian speedy boats moved toward the battleship of USA, the minister defense of Iran explained to the group of reporters:

The security of us is the duty of Iran Navy Units, therefore they are obligated to supervise the traffic and proceedings of foreign vessels in the area. The Iranian defensive warships and boats are patrolling and observing territory waters of Iran, the action that is natural, true and continuous for these vessels. If the American vessels arrive Iran waters, they will be warned and alerted by the guards certainly, and if it have had a violence aspect to our water, we will confront them.

He also explained about presence of Russian warplane in Iran and said:
Iran is an effective member of anti-terrorism activities in the area and Syria territory, and in this way, for ease and support of ground forces and also increasing the action speed of area military forces collaborates with Syria and Russia... the time of going and coming back of these warplanes is matched with the ground operations in Syria, so that the fighters can be effective by increasing support potency of the ground forces in the operational situations.
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