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Invisible in Japan...


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14 Mar 2002

Tokyo Professor Working on Invisibility

Is he 'The Invisible Man' by H.G. Wells? It looks like as if three men walking behind are seen through the body of graduate student Kazutoshi Obana during a demonstration of optical camouflage technology at the Tokyo University in Tokyo Wednesday, Feb. 5, 2003. The demonstration conducted by Faculty of Engineering Prof. Susumu Tachi is an early stage of his research that will eventually enable camouflaged objects virtually transparent by wearing an optical device. This photo was taken through a viewfinder that provides with a combined image of moving images taken behind Obana and him wearing a luminous jacket that makes a transparent effect. The technology can be useful for various professions such as surgeons who wish their own fingers and surgical tools won't block the view of affected parts and pilots who wish cockpit floors were transparent for landings.

Source: Yahoo! News



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Magicians will have a field day with this!!
(Thomas you really should see about a "spell-check device< hahaha, I can identify a word, I just can't spell it, hahaha).
this pic is marvellous, its the trick of all tricks, with technology(spell-check? haha) like this anything is possible! time delay etc,, 👏
I loved this gadget since it first came out; but was a bit disappointed that it used old, low-tech, energy-intensive technology. For example by using active-power consuming, light-generating diodes, the power consumption would be high, and the 'cloack' would heat up after a while; a bad way to use as cover for an assassin for instance. But it's a start.

A preditiction into the future: Using mostly passive technology by using new material with structural-physical properties reacting to light in a selective manner, a cool 'invisible cloak' could be made in the future. One could wrap oneself around in 'stealth bandages' and stand guard against terrorist attacks.
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Lamont Cranston perfected this decades ago. Power consumption was zero.
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