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Trev G-Code

20 May 2003
Now this is my section! :D Well, has anyone seen this anime or read the manga? InuYasha is my favorite anime!! I love these smilies! 😄
I haven't watched the last episode (last night; season 4), but I've been watching it for the past 2 odd years. I regret to say that as with all her other manga turned anime series Takahashi Rumiko does a very bad job at keeping viewer attention as the series is becoming too long and quite honestly, there was a bit there where I completely lost the object of the series.

Ever watched Marmalade Boy? Now that's romance.
I've only seen up to episode 36 because I live in America, St. Louis. I've been thinking about just downloading some of the episodes... When you say "the last episode" do you mean they are done with the series? Also, I haven't seen the anime your talking about but I've heard of it. When I get the chance, I'll be sure to check it out! 👍
I mean the last episode to air on TV. If you get a chance to lay your hands on Marmalad Boy, watch it. It's really fun.
I don't really remember what episode number we're at... I think it's gone over 70 or 80 now, maybe more, as they're not numbered on screen anymore...
hmmm.I haven’t heard of it, but does it have a page in the web or could someone post an image of some of the characters?
Anything that has an "inu" with it must be interesting ;)
110 sounds about right. I lost count around 90 or so.

About it being better than Ranma, I think you're probably right. But that's not a great achievement in my book. Takahashi has a bad habit of veering off on irrelevent tangents midway through her series, which make us lose the point. Some time ago (now it's winding down and we're beginning to see the point again), I didn't know what the h*** she was going with her story... Perhaps if I'd have read the manga...

Well, Chipi, if you're up on your Japanese, you can always try http://www.ytv.co.jp/anime/inuyasha/index.html
That's the official YTV ナ陳「窶禿ゥツ債ウ Web site.
I like Inu Yasha much more than Ranma but both series have too much episodes.. at least that's my opinion. I don't like that the series never come to an end. And like tasuki said: "It makes us lose the point.."
Anyway I still like Inu Yasha. I would like to see more episodes of it although there are so many of them.. Maybe I would stop watching them after time, but at the moment I'm still interested in it, especially in some characters ;)

I'm new, though. Excuse my bad english knowledge :)
I've only seen the episodes shown in America. I'm trying to get a job so I can buy them online, but the problem is, people claimed that I'm too young(ironically, I'm 17). However, my friend got some of them on DVD. Maybe I could borrow them or something.
I've been watching it on TV here for close to three years (has it been that long?) and now at 116 episodes, you can finally feel the series winding towards a climactic end as all the characters are pulled towards a nexus. I would think they are likely to wrap things up within the next 6 months, but I'm only guessing...
I started watching inuyasha a few months ago and i have been hooked to it ever since. I've only been able to download the first 110 episodes from kazaa. But DLing eps from kazaa is too long. Does any have the new eps or can someone giv me some info where I can dl new eps?
I'm only at ep 113 need more >_<

ok ok hmmmm I love this series absolutely LOVE this series

I have become beyond obssessed with it
just received giant collection of Inu Yasha merchandise rigth from Japan that was fun :)

Oh my god ok yeah I admit it has dragged on a bit, but I think my attention is picking up lately with these later episodes

If you like you can visit my Inu Yasha site :D
Kakkoi Inu Yasha
((shameless site advertising ::blushes:: ))

I think I did a decent job gathering info on the series

yay! Inu Yasha! this is my kind of thread :D
Heh, Currently I have pretty much all of the DVD's available to the US. I would get the Japanese versions but my GF thinks otherwise.

Quite honestly, I got hooked after my GF started watching and asked to buy the dvds.

Out of curiosity, I watched and actually quite enjoyed.
:eek: so freaky!!!

I don't know too much on this, I just know it exists
and that for us non-Japanese residents, a dvd was released in 2002
so I guess we have to find it and import

but it's live action o.o;;;
the Shippou and Myouga look SO SCARY

apparently Sango isn't in there?

here's a site with some info on it
Sengoku Jidai

anyone else here anything about it?

must have info :sorry:

I' have subbed eps up to 116, and I know peeps are working on subbing 117-119 at least... I've also seen an ep list up to 121.

I also aggree on the live inuyasha thing... I would watch it if I had a chance but I' think I'll live withourt seeing it... Shippo was scary looking! The poster is neat tho

-Liz: :)
In America, the took Inuyasha off the air....*tear tear tear* This totally sux...stupid baka running the network over here.....
you mean Cartoonetwork right? -__-' They don't even show all of the episodes of Inu Yasha. The last one they showed was when Koga kidnapped Kagome and thats it. No more new episodes. So broke people like me are forced to go buy it._. :cautious:
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