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blue flame

20 Sep 2003
hiya! i am a person who is in lve with anything japanese although the thing i like most about japan is the music. i adore j-rock. some of my fave bands are; MUCC, Dir en Grey, Moi Dix Mois, Miyavi etc.

and i love anime too...yeah ^^
hey hey... i'm new to this forum and i love j-rock and anime too. hope to get to know more j-rock and anime fans here!! ^.^
Welcome Blue-Flame,

i see you're using my avater...this can't do...I've just hacked into your accounts and am transferring all your cash into my Swiss bank account...

:cautious: just kidding...have fun!
I love anime...some JRock, I like other kinds of Japanese music mostly indies bands though and electronica, not so crazy about JPop but I like some of the opening/ending anime themes.
But Anyway.. have fun and I hope to see you around...
Kaminoko...l'lI think your avatar is 1 pixel taller than Blue Flame's, i was able to see the diffrence...hahaha
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