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12 May 2003
Hi ,
I'm Willem Rabbelier. I'm from the Netherlands and I'm 56 years. I just joined Japan Forum because of two things:
1. I would like to find back a pen pal I used to correspond with, 40 year ago!
2. I have always had a huge interest in Japan, Japanese culture, sociology and all things Japanes.
At this moment I'm working as a welfare worker. I work with youth who's having problems living their life the correct way, youth, using drugs, homeless and sometimes with criminal behaviour. Actually it is not what I wanted since I'm a history teacher originally and earned a bachelorship at an academy for beautiful arts. Things don't always go like you want to and that is something I accept.
I hope to have a good time at Japanese Forum and of course I would be very pleased to find back my dear penpal from Sapporo, who will be about 50 year now.
With respect,

Hi Willem, welcome to the board. Hopefully you'll be able to track your friend.


PS: Your website is fantastic!
Welcome Willem!

Nice to have you with us. this is the best site that you ever find on internet.

I Wish you good luck on find your pen pal.

Best regards,


Konnichi wa Willem-san!
'k Wil ook wel gewoon "Hoi" zeggen hoor...:p

Well, your site indeed was very interesting, especially the part about the Germanic languages caught my attention.

OK, well, have fun!
Domo arigato!

Hello dear friends, konnichi wa,

Cathy, Thomas, Nangi, Ben, Kalyani and Blue eyed Dutch Samurai, thank you all for your ever so friendly warming welcome. I'm looking forward to learn from you and this list and to have regular contact with all of you!

Domo arigato gozaimshita
mata oaishimashoo,

and, please, do correct me if I'm misusing your language!

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