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Introduction of DaMo


11 Apr 2004
Hi everyone. I am glad to be here and I hope we can have some fruitful fun conversations. 🙂

I am 23 years old, and a citizen of India, although I was raised in the Middle East. I have been a student in Chicago for the last five years, and I will graduate soon with two engineering majors and one philosophy minor.

I have many interests, including human biodiversity and evolution, politics, anthropology, history, religion, law and philosophy. Right now, I am interested in East Asian history and culture. I also specialize in countering revisionism of East Asian history by Eurocentric and Afrocentric diffusionists.

I am interested in Japanese history and culture, and I like anime and j-pop too (although my interest in Japan is nowhere near limited to those two).

That's about it for now. I guess everyone will find out more about me from my posts here at JREF. 😊
welcome damo!!!!!!! i know you'll have a great time!!!! i like kittens too!!!!!! puppies more...no offense dreamer. 😌
DaMo said:
Thanks. By the way, I like your avatar. I love kittens too. :)

Unfortunately, I never got to have one :(
Finally someone like me ^^
Well if you like kitten too i think we'll be good friends even if i'm not really into history,religion and politic things :D
Heeey I like kittens too! ^.^ Hints the user name. ^.^ well im cat and its very nice to meet you. Welcome to the forum. I hope you like it here. Well see you around k? Ja ne

buy a CAT HOUSE with your educational back-ground & young age! It looks like you are destined for great things in life with the hard work you have put into it so far.


PS- Welcome aboard!!

Thank you, everyone.

I guess I will have to learn my way around the forum now, starting with the meanings of the rankings and the emoticons. :mad:
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