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3 Aug 2003
Hello there, everyone! Hm.. where to start?

My name is Lauren, but for all online purposes I go by the alias of 'eeiko' whom all of you FFIX fans out there will recognise as a slight variation of the name of a certain eildon-summoning child :p

The last thing I want to do in my very first post is bore you all to death with a day-by-day summary of my entire life from the time of conception to the present day .. er, so I won't!

I'm just a normal, Australian teenager interested in Japan's culture and language. Actually, the word 'normal' isn't really compatible with my personality.. keke. I've recently become interested in the world of manga and anime - thanks to a very close friend of mine - and I actually plan to visit the country in question in a few years time as it is required by the university course I wish to take.

Bored? Hehe, well, that's all for now~
Yo eeiko! Welcome and nice to meet you! I like FFXI too.-. Anyway see ya around the Forum! 🙂
Aww shucks, what a welcome!

And for those itching to know, I hail from a south-eastern state we Australians like to call Victoria *wink*
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