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16 Oct 2002
Hi all,

Wanted to let you know about a site that I recently launched called JapanShoten.com www.japanshoten.com. JapanShoten.com specializes in books on Japan for an English speaking audience, and is the biggest site of its kind.

In addition to working directly with the major publishers including Kodansha, Tuttle Publishing, Stone Bridge Press, and Weatherhill -- we work with import firms to bring you the best import textbooks and other books straight from Japan! In addition, we carry origami paper, greeting cards, electronic dictionaries -- and are adding more items soon!

We're currently offering free shipping for orders over $20 and signing up for an ID will enter you in our drawing for a $50 gift certificate.

Hope you stop by for a visit, and let us know what you think!

-Shane Stiles, Owner www.japanshoten.com
Hi Shane, welcome to the board!

So you finally made it into e-commerce! Your shop is a gem, wishing you all the best.
Hi Shane🙂 and welcome to the forum, your site looks excellent, keep up the great work, and all the best for the future
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