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Introducing: *Drum Roll*-- APIE!


22 Oct 2003
Hiya. I'm Apie.
I'm a Korean/Irish chick from Ireland, totally interested in Japan and Japanese.
I'm working hard to get into a program that allows me to travel to Japan to teach English.
I've been to Japan twice, just for fun. I went by myself both times, and can't wait to return soon.
If anyone knows about any programs in Ireland like the JET program, let me know. :)
Other than all that, I look forward to learning more and chatting about my sick Nippon Obsession.

-I'm also a total Anime/Manga geek, along with my computer dork-age. just a little FYI. 😄
Greetings and welcome. Any gal that refers to herself as a chick is cool in my book. 8-p Nice sig btw.
Wow, this is probably the first time in my life I've been labeled cool.
Awesome.I think I like it here. hehe. 😊
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