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21 Jan 2003
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Thanks for the welcome to an old buzzard who decided to become a writer at the age of 69, thirteen years ago. You do the math. I was fortunate enough to have three books published. My latest, A Real Good War, is a novel that has just been translated and published in Japan (January 10). This has awakened the latent interest I've had in the Japanese people since I was a boy with a Japanese pal. Check out my site at www.b17sam.com and note the link to Japan at the top. Free pizza tomorrow at www.b17sam.com/japancover.html

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Hi Sam, once again welcome aboard!

I just browsed your website, it's pretty amazing. I am sure you have watched the movie "Memphis Belle". Since you have accomplished 35 missions yourself, would you say the movie succeeded in depicting the air war over Germany?
Konnichiwa B17sam-san!

Welcome Sam!
I interest in WW2, of course I have watched the movie "Memphis Belle". It's a good movie. I will look for your book "A Real Good War" surely.

Hi and wellcome aboard.

I Hope that this century won't see the mistakes of the past. Two world wars were enough.
Hello Sam !

Welcome to the forum. I had a look at your site and the sample pages of your book. Looks very interesting. ;)
hey , i just joined this forum myself , but welcome to this forum anyway! :)
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