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interview for Japanese people


7 May 2007
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Hi folks,
I'm from spain and I窶冦 finishing my first course in the university, and I have lots of works, that窶冱 why I write you.
In my sociology subject I have to do an investigation work about Hikikomori phenomenon in Japan. I thought it could be a good idea to make an interview to Japanase peoople. Please, can someone answer a few question about hikikomori it could help me a lot.
You can see the questions down. Please answer the question by responding this thread. And if you know someone who knows about the hikikomoris you can pass the questions to he, and send me the answers too. If not, don't worry.
if you prefer, you can send me the answers in my e-mail: gbruix(at)hotmail.com
I hope this question will not steal a lot of your time
Thanks you!!!
the questions:
1-Can you explain a little bit your Background, What city and country do you live? How old are you? Are you working? What did you study?
2-Do you know who the hikikomoris are?
3-Do you know a hkikomori? Or did you know someone before he was a hikikomori?
4-What does the Japanese society think about the hikikomoris? Is it a problem that Japanese people, are trying to find a solution?
5-Is the Government trying to help these guys?
6-Why Japan is one of the countries where there are more young social isolation?
7-What the hikikomori窶冱 parents think about their sons?
8-Do you think the difficulty of the Japanese education system could be the cause of hikikomoris? There is more cause?
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