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Internet in Korea shut down


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14 Mar 2002
Reported by Kyodo News. Perhaps J-hackers striking back... :)

Internet services across S Korea shut down

Internet services were shut down across South Korea on Saturday afternoon in an apparent cyber attack committed by hackers, Yonhap News Agency reported.

The unprecedented nationwide shutdown began with SK Telecom and Korea Telecom Freetel, whose Nate and Magic N mobile Internet services faltered nationwide around 2 p.m., the report said.

The shutdown then spread to all Internet service firms including Korea Telecom (KT), Hanaro Telecom, Dacom, Thrunet and other service providers by around 3 p.m.

The report quoted a KT spokesman as saying excessive traffic was loaded to the domain name server at one its offices to shut down the server.
More on the topic. It's not only limited to Korea.

Hackers Crash Internet Services in S.Korea

=> http://reuters.com/newsArticle.jhtml?type=internetNews&storyID=2108788

Virus-like attack cripples Internet in Asia

=> http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/cms.dll/html/comp/articleshow?artid=35470636


I read that a new virus is responsible for the latest "attack", something of Code red's dimensions.

Worldwide Internet trouble also hits Japan

Dozens of Internet users from companies and universities in Japan reported problems Saturday afternoon, including slow transmissions as a result of receiving massive data, Tokyo-based Internet security company Little eArth Corp. (LAC) said.

The company found the disturbances occurred after some sites received data called UDP up to hundreds of thousand times an hour from unknown senders, said Itsuro Nishimoto, a LAC official.

But there has been no major confusion in Japan's businesses because many companies do not operating Saturday, Nishimoto said.

It is unknown whether the trouble is due to cyber-terrorism or online vandalism for pleasure because anyone can send UDP data indiscriminately.

The trouble resembles that affecting South Korea, Nishimoto said.

The phenomenon followed news reports that transmission speeds have slowed on the Net around the world, apparently due to the spread of infected files.

=> http://home.kyodo.co.jp/all/display.jsp?an=20030125107
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Has anyone in Europe experienced troubles? Well, we haven't so far.

/me knocks on wood.

Internet Attack Disrupts Asia and Europe

A virus-like computer infection that disrupted Internet service in the United States quickly spread through the world's digital networks early Saturday, disrupting computer networks in Asia and Europe.

Initial reports suggested that, outside the United States, the problems were most severe in technology-dependent areas of Asia. Users and news media reported outages or slowdowns in Thailand, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, the Philippines, South Korea and India.

In Finland, phone operator TeliaSonera said some of its customers reported difficulties connecting to servers using Microsoft's SQL outside of Finland and Sweden In Thailand, domestic servers also were operating normally, but connections to international servers for some users ground to a halt around 12:30 p.m. EST, according to a technical support representative for Internet Thailand. In Japan, NHK television reported that heavy traffic had swamped some of the country's Internet connections. A public university computer had been hit by more than 200,000 transmissions in one hour and security firms were looking into the incident, it said. In South Korea, millions of Internet users were hampered when traffic-directing computers at Korea Telecom Freetel and SK Telecom failed to function.

The system was restored after several hours, but service remained slow, officials said. Kim Chang-rae, a chief system engineer at KT Freetel, said excessive traffic caused one of KT's main domain servers to fail, forcing other servers to shut down in a chain reaction. The failure affected busy weekend Internet banking and shopping traffic ahead of the Lunar New Year holiday a week away. In Taiwan, a customer service operator at Chunghwa Telecom Co. Ltd -- one of the island's biggest Internet providers -- said its service ``experienced difficulties'' and that some customers weren't able to access the Web.

=> Internet Attack Disrupts Asia and Europe (Published 2003)
Internet's damnably slow here in Blighty at the moment. I'm on 56K modem and most sites take a good two minutes to load properly (all images and background gifs and what have you). I'm even having problems here. I hate to think how long it's going to take to get back to the forum after I submit this post. . .

It may not bear any relevence, but I've noticed that a lot of incoming e-mails are displaying the wrong dates. I got one on Friday dated 25 February. . .
my computer clock is an hour and twenty minutes behind now. It wasn't on thursday...
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