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Internet Access on Honshu Island


3 Nov 2002
Can anyone give me a baseball park estimate on how much Internet Access costs on the main island of Japan? I am specifically interested in comparing prices in major urban areas like Tokyo-Yokohama, Osaka-Kobe and Nagoya, with access prices found in other rural areas across the island.

My in-laws just could not believe it when I told them that I only pay $5 a month for unlimited, ad-free, Internet access. I did not have the gall to ask them what they pay, so I was wondering if anyone on J-ref had this sort of information available.

Thanks for the excellent resource. There appear to be some really great deals in Japan now as well. I'm going to send this information to my father-in-law right away.

Depends on the type of line.
yahooBB seems to be doing great t under $40 for 12meg ADSL line.

10-12 meg ADSL lines are anywhere from $25-40 depending on the carrier in general. Problem is that NTT requires an outside IP hosting service. You can't just get a ADSL connection and use your own machine as a server. Outside IP's are about $5 a month +

FiberOptic lines by NTT are now under $60 a month. Full 100 meg service. hmmm, I wish.

I'm probably going to switch off my 10 meg ADSL line from NTT and goto yahooBB since I can call anywhere from 7.5 per 3 minutes including the States. First 2 months with this special campaign is free service. hehe, I can talk all day to the States for free for 2 months.

I'd recommend do yahooBB for the parents then they can call you 2 for very cheap prices.

currently NTT US rates is 100 yen per minute or 3 minutes. haha, seems like per minute.
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