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5 Jun 2002
I am so tired of people refer to anime as Japananimation, so here's my question. What does the word Anime really mean? I was told it meant cartoon, but I don't think that's right. So can you help me please. :eek:
I'm far from being an anime expert, but anime is the shortened Japanese transliteration of the English word "animation".

animation / ˌæn əˈmeɪ ʃən /

1. The act, process, or result of imparting life, interest, spirit, motion, or activity.

2. The quality or condition of being alive, active, spirited, or vigorous.


a. the art or process of preparing animated cartoons.
b. An animated cartoon.

I don't think there's any other meaning than that.
In the states, I guess it is actually more descriptive to refer to it as "Japanimation" do distinguish animation created in Japan to stuff created here... Like Disney. If I'm not mistaken, Japanese people would refer to Disney movies as Anime. アニメ
I agree with "Thomas and the gang" (potential band name) on this one. "Anime" seems to be the romaji'd version of the abbreviated word for "animation" for the Japanese.

I see that over here and in parts of Europe they also use the spelling "animテゥ" too, which may have originated from France since they are one of the leaders in animation too (Inspector Gadget, Ulysses 31, Mysterious Cities of Gold -- wow, natsukashi). I guess "Japanimation" is the west's way of categorising the slew of animation available over there. With HK's recent soiree into animation,"My Life As McDull." I can see the generation of further similar categories, Maybe "Asianimation?"
France is undoubtedly an animé superpower. Let's not forget to mention Hergé (a Belgian) who created The Adventures of Tintin. I think generations have grown up with Tintin, Captain Haddock and Snowy. We have all editions in English, French, German, and now in Japanese too.

I'm not sure if Tintin is even known in the U.S...

"Thomas & the Gang".... wait until you hear me sing, lol!
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Here is something from anime.org.au.

'Anime' is a Japanese word, a contraction of a loan word 'anime-shon' which comes from the English word 'animation'. It's as simple as that. Japanese are quite fond of contracting longer words or combining multiple words to make a new, short, easy-to-pronounce word. An example of which might be 'pasokon', the Japanese equivalent of 'PC', which also originally comes from the English personal computer'. Such words usually use the katakana script.
Anime has now been incorporated (back?) into the English language.

From dictionary.com:


A style of animation developed in Japan, characterized by stylized colorful art, futuristic settings, violence, and sex.
[Japanese, short for animshon, animation, from English animation.]
Source: The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition
very interesting question indeed and now even I know what anime really means,🙂

as for "thomas and the gang" I'm sure I'm speaking for all the members WE CANT WAIT lolol(must get sound added here hahaha)
Oh, but Debs, advisors and mentors will have to team up as gang of course!
I want to sing!!!! Iwant to dance!!!! lolol I want to be in the gang lolol, rehearsals: sign here!! lolol:clap: 👏

went right off the thread again didnt I???? lol.
lolololo .... I disappear for a bit and folks go nutty on me. hehe

Yep, Far as I know the above are correct. Interesting that the Japanese take a word make it into Japanese and it goes back to being English with a slight twist.

I do believe at the same time the word OTAKU [nerd, geek] got imported too.

OTAKU, a collector who borders or has crossed the line of being a fanatic over his obession of collecting things. AKA nerd, geek.

tintin -- nah, he's not the little Greek God is he?
I just read somewhere that "otaku" has a negative connotation in Japanese while that's not the case when used in other languages ("geek" isn't necessarily negative, is it?).

Tintin, the hero of my childhood

Bill Gates = Nerd, Geek ... so it should be negative

When I use my computer too much my wife calls me an "Otaki" ... so ... negative

ohhh, that's what the character's name was. I've seen his comics while I was Germany

Now who's that little olypmic looking character with wings on his feet and BIG friend ???
The correct translation of word "anime" to English language is "fun", I think (sorry, I'm a bit addicted)!

I've read an English version of one of Tintin adventures and I've liked it, because the story is very well developed, but the drawings is a bit stillness (the drawings is quite good and detailed also) compared to manga.
@ otaku
means maniac, fanatic about something done indoors (hmmm... how can I explain this?) - such as PCs, videos, books and stuff. it had a negative connotation, but nowadays i think it has changed, not sure.

@ that little olypmic looking character with wings on his feet and BIG friend
i believe you're talking about Asterix et Obelix, fantastic cartoon!!! i think there's even a movie of them - starring Gerard Depardieu
Yes, Yes Asterix. That's him 👏 Thanks Olivia.

I saw him once while I was like 5 and his image has always stayed with me. haha, it wasn't his feet but his helmet. Oh well?!?

lolo, why?
oops, forgot the pic!

lol I remember that guy Asterix, and as you moyashi I think I have seen it once maybe twice, and the duo where great, pity they don't have him on T.V here, the kids would love it, and the helmet is what I remember too, lol 🙂
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