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Interesting article on Okinawa

@ handover

I never did know that Okiniwa was completely split off from the mainland in essence like Germany was. I wonder though was movement between the islands allowed?

@ Ryunosuke

I skimmed through the article .. it's pretty looooooong so ... seems like he's trying to play neutral and give each side a fair shake.

@ military + okiniwa

Just think of all the money pumped into Okiniwa and Hokkaido (only 2 prefecture that beg for money from the main government in Tokyo).

I still think, using the base situation in the states, that if the US military would pull out that okiniwa would turn into ghost islands and to prevent this the already over burdened tax payers would have to pay more money into okinawa to help support those islands.

What about tourism? heee! Not when domestic flights cost more than international. I can fly to Okiniwa for about $1500 while Europe is about $1000. ;) help the neighborhood! sorry not for $500.

What about local economy. JT is the biggest company in Okinawa. I'm pretty sure that Tabacco is Okinawa's industry. <<don't quote me>>

I truly hope for a resolution that makes all sides somewhat content.
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