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installation manual


22 Feb 2008
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The links don't work. You need to re-upload them.


6 Jan 2017
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this is quite crucial for me...
sorry for this large request, and again: any help will be much appreciated.


27 Apr 2014
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* Perform the replacement on a flat surface with the muffler completely cooled down.
* No exhaust gasket is included in this product. To prevent exhaust gas leakage, make sure to acquire a new one that's specific for your car.
* It's recommended to cover painted areas around the muffler with tape to prevent scratches.

1. Remove exhaust pipe of normal muffler
- Remove the exhaust pipe protector.
- The protector will be reattached later on. Make sure not to lose the washer plate on the back.
- Loosen the bolt on the joint band.
- Remove the nuts that hold the flange in place and take out the exhaust pipe.
- Remove the joint gasket. (Will not be reused)

2. Provisionally attach the powerbox exhaust pipe
- After replacing the exhaust gasket with a new one (not included, please buy separately), attach the exhaust pipe.
- Since exhaust gases or liquid droplets may leak out at the joint, it's recommended to apply liquid gasket first.
- Reuse the normal nuts to fasten the flange.
- After making sure that the pipe is all the way in the back of the joint, move on to fixating the different parts.

* If you're having a hard time inserting the exhaust pipe, this can be made easier by loosening the two bolts on the silencer side.

3. After fixating all the parts, wipe the exhaust pipe clean
Check the clearance and attachment of all the parts and then fixate them properly.

Wipe off any dirt and oil on the pipe with a degreasing agent. If you run the engine with any dirt or oil on the muffler, these will heat up and be more difficult to remove afterwards.

4. Attach exhaust protector
Normal exhaust pipe -> Powerbox

The protector should be attached in the opposite orientation of what it was before.
The pipe sticks out a bit, so it's very important to attach the protector.

* Make sure to attach the washer plate on the back. If this is not done, the protector may build up heat and cause danger.

5. Start the engine. If there is no gas leak, this concludes the replacement.
  • Even after replacing the muffler, be sure to regularly check that everything's still in place and that the bolts haven't loosened.
  • After attaching the muffler, it's possible that white smoke and a certain smell will come out of it for a while due to oil on the inside. However, this is expected and will decrease with time.
  • You may hear a frizzly sound after installing the powerbox exhaust pipe. This is expected: it's the sound of the exhaust gas expanding inside the powerbox and is no cause for concern.
  • This product uses stainless steel. Because of this material's composition, it may get a burned appearance from heat buildup. However, this is expected and no cause for concern. (The color changes may not be uniform.)
    Our product ホロクリンジェル SP (part number HC-03) is highly effective at removing this burned color.
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6 Jan 2017
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Thank you for your prompt replay & for your assistance in this matter.
honestly, thank you!

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