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Install font to Japanese lang prog


3 Jul 2003
I've installed some Japanese fonts into my system folder. However they don't show up on my Japanese language software (which came free with my Mac - I'm on OS 9.2 still).

I can use the fonts in English, but each key on the keyboard represents one hiragana, so if I type 'ha' I get ' kuchi' in hiragana.

At the moment I can only use Osaka with the Japanese language software. Can I install the fonts so that they work with the Japanese language software, so that when I type 'ha' I get the hiragana for 'ha' ? If not I'll just have to get by with a Japanese keyboard layout diagram that I found through a search on this forum.

most of those fonts are symbol ones and have no link to the keys used to input them.
I see. Just out of interest, what sort of fonts are compatible with japanese language software ? Is there a wide range, or is it limited to Osaka and a few other generic fonts ?
hmm MSmicho and MShei are japanese fonts i dunno how theyd work with your program though as i dont have one to test them out.
The problem is with the imput method you are using. (IME)

Usually you have a choice of input methods, but the most common one is ATOK from Just Systems.

You will have a choice between a kana input and a romaji (phonetic) input.

Personally I cannot use a kana keyboard and prefer to type h+a for ha and then use the space bar for the kana-kanji henkan.

It is not just the fonts!!

But as I work for a font company, I can tell you that there are numerous fonts you can use.. TrueType as well as CID. OS 9 won't let you use open type fonts.

If you want to see more information about fonts please see websites for companies like, TypeBank, Morisawa, FontWorks and of course the Enfour Media fonts. There is no information in English as these are Japanse font companies and they have no free fonts. But the improved quality in your work from using good fonts will be noticable.

Enfour Media

TypeBank English page
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