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Article Inohana Castle

Hiroto Uehara

Castle Walker
9 Sep 2016
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Hiroto Uehara submitted a new Article:

Inohana Castle

Inohana Castle (亥鼻城 ), also known as Chiba Castle, is located in Chiba City and was constructed on the Inohana Plateau, close to the present-day Chiba Prefectural Office. The Chiba clan (千葉氏), a cadet branch of the Kanmu Heike clan,* established a fortification there as early as 1126. For some 330 years, the town prospered as an important commercial and cultural center in Kanto area, along with Kamakura.

In 1455, Makuwari Yasutane (馬加胤持) a retainer related to the clan, defeated the Chiba and took their name. Yasutane's son Suketane abandoned Inohana Castle and moved to Motosakura Castle (本佐倉城). Thereafter, Chiba Castle did not play any significant role in history anymore.

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The castle grounds are now surrounded by Inohana Park.

At the northern edge of the park, there is a turret-shaped building resembling a Japanese donjon which houses the Chiba City Folk Museum....

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