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Innocence: Ghost in the Shell


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15 Mar 2002
There's a second Ghost in the Shell movie in the making. Got this from the Production IG website:


Basic Elements ::
Shirow Masamune
Screenplay/Director ::
Mamoru Oshii
Producer ::
Mitsuhisa Ishikawa
Production ::
Production I.G
Co-Produced by ::
Investor Group ::
Ghost Team
Location ::
Toho International Theatres
Wow! I will so trying to get hold of that when it comes out - by 2004 I'll hopefully have a better grasp of japanese and won't need subtitles!
Yeah. I particulary like the specs images. The Fuchikomas are a bit different (maybe different models, who knows=) but the show looks cool.
They have two trailers on-site, too.
Greetings camerates,
This is really fantastic, I'm a great Shirow fan, does anybody knows if there will be ever an Orion anime, or it exists already?
I don't know of any plans for a Orion movie or series. I don't think it's a well know work of Shirow. Sorry :)
hey ,

i really loved the first gits! i would really like to see the second part , but where i live it will probably be shown around 2007 😭

lineartube => really great site!
i want the ost of gits:stand alone complex!!!
i'll try to convince my comix vendor(fumettaro)for order it...
there is a italian singer!!!very good😄
the collector's edition that manga video is putting out has it...
bought it sat, went back and got my difference (best buy is having 20% sale on anime) tonight
good luck
I don't like the intentions behind the series, and new movie. You know what it is right?
GITS is an awesome anime. I've seen the "Stand Alone Complex" series and I've bought the movie. I love the opening song of Stand alone complex.

Is there any latin in the text? All of it don't sound japanese...
RockLee said:
aeria gloris...latin...the rest is in Russian and english ;-)

umm, I need to listen to the text a little more... Russian, eh? ☝

edit: Would like to add that it's been a while since I heard the song.. all i knew was that there were 3 languages in the text..
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i want the ost of gits:stand alone complex!!!
i'll try to convince my comix vendor(fumettaro)for order it...
there is a italian singer!!!very good
Italian??? you don't mean Yoko Kanno who made this song right??

Anime Lyrics dot Com - inner universe - Ghost in the Shell; Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex; Koukaku Kidoutai - Anime OR

Angely i demony kruzhili nado mnoi
Rassekali ternii i mlechnye puti
Ne znayet schast'ya tol'ko tot,
Kto evo zova ponyat' ne smog...

Nalyubuites', nalyubuites'
Aeria gloris, aeria gloris

I am Calling Calling now, Spirits rise and falling
Soboj ostat'sya dol'she...
Calling Calling, in the depth of longing
Soboj ostat'sya dol'she...

Ne volnuites, aeria gloris
YES...I got GITS 2 in DVD-Rip quality !!..now I have to wait until my friend arrives to watch it!!!! :LOL:

*pm me if your interested for the link to it ;-)
to everyone residing in the states, gits stand alone complex will be airing on cartoon networks "adult swim" starting in november:), also, stand alone complex is being continued due to its huge success in japan, adding 2 more seasons.
but if you liked gits, wait until the appleseed movie hits the market, it was released in theatres april 2004, japan. no mention of an american release date or dvd release date has been made, we'll just have to wait. until then, check out the trailer here> http://www.a-seed.jp/index2.html
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