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Information required on the Yakuza


7 Apr 2003

I did a search on the forum and i could not see any information on the Yakuza, if there is another post somewhere then can somebody please link to it, if not then this is what i want to get information on:-

Where they operate - Places for tourists to avoid if any
Their influence/power in Japan
How Yakuza view Gajin
Do's and Dont's around Yakuza - Or is it a case of if you mind your own business you will be fine

I hope i can gain a much better understanding on this topic through getting some feedback in this thread

Konnichiwa AustinB-san!

This is my opinion, I think that Yakuza's influence/power is very low now. Because Yakuza measures law took their influence/power in 1990s. But they never lost their influence/power completely even now.

Yakuza is a economic organizations. They have not interesting in a tourist(Gaikoku-jin). But they are afraid of Chinese(or Oriental) Mafia.

Don't watch movies or believe the hype about the Yakuza...

I have lived in Japan for a very long time and have never been aware of them. I am sure they are around and have seen big black cars with blacked out windows but it is a case of don't look for trouble and it won't find you.
It is better to avoid Shinjuku 3-chome area. Most of the Porn shops are managed by Yakuza.

If you walk as a tourist, it should be fine, though.
They tend to be most frequent in areas where they can still exert a little influence. If you open a bar or restaurant in a popular nightspot, you'll most likely get a visit and maybe be asked to pay some money for their protection. But dealing with gaijin is usually too difficult for them.

My ex-boss opened a bar once and he said he was told that the best thing to do, was to find out who the local yakuza were in his area and take them out to dinner (find them before they found him). Apparently they can be quite pleasant to deal with in this way, as long as you pay them.

well, from what i heard from my friends they dont tend to cause trouble with gaijin. you can even befriend them, they are like other japanese and are very interested in foreigners. They are not a threat unless you make them one.
sake drenched postcards is a good read -- but some of the articles are not for young ears -- don't tell yo mama I sent ya!
and this

book is so good... it's written by two women who used to write articles for a Japanese newspaper -- they get all into the practices and dealings of yakza, without glorifying it like some guys might
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