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9 Oct 2003
Hey guys I'm new to this board and I've been learning japanese for some time now and I've pretty much got the hang of things when it comes to formal japanese but i have a friend that lives in japan and i kinda wanna tone down the formality of my letters to her....but speaking formal is all I know, so does anyone know a good site to help me learn informal rules or does anyone have any good pointers on the subject?...thanks :)
Well, a good way to learn a lot about informal Japanese language is to read Japanese Mangas.

But don't be too astonished when you will discover a lot of phrases you haven't seen in your text book before.

If you want to get an idea of what I am talking about, try the demo version of our software at www.fuyosoft.com. A lot of "informal" phrases are explained there.


The best thing is to intimate the style of her letters to you. That way you will write the same way. If you start writing informally all of a sudden it might feel rude. Another thing you can do is check out Japanese chat rooms -- ask us if there's something you don't understand.
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