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10 Mar 2003
Hi there, I have just started my semester on Media information at the university of Bergen, and for one of my assignments I was to write a short paper on Media, Representation and Identity.

One of the things that topics that struck my fancy were government propaganda, and its use. Most of the people I go to class with wanted to write about the American propaganda during war times, or just random propaganda shown to encourage people to do a special thing for its government. (Conserve power, eat more fresh vegetables, eat less red meat, more white meat and that sort)

Now, I don窶冲 know if this is true or not, but I remember reading about the Japanese government promoting 窶徂appy propaganda窶? to cure 窶忱outh depression窶?
One of the things I heard was that Yatta, by Happatai (or the whole Happatai for that sake) was funded by the government to promote more happy-do-good feeling among young people.
Now I don窶冲 know how true this is, or if the government is promoting these sorts of things at all, but any info you could give would be welcome.
hmm... tried metropolis or japan today? i need time to search
good luck regardless!
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