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in or around Kobe and Osaka?


15 Mar 2004
I've been in Japan for about a year now and most of my friends are GIRLS!!! Why is this a problem you ask? I have a WIFE! It's kinda difficult to hang with girls when you're married huh? I'm looking for some dudes to hang with so my wife doesn't have to worry too much. "yasashii neeeee"
Anyway, if you are also looking for a friend, please e-mail me. My Yahoo address is on my profile....i reckon....aaah what the heck! here it is
[email protected]
Please send me a message and maybe we can hang some times.
Also, my English is starting to wear thin coz I can't speak properly, even to my wife. hehe. I also would like more Japanese friends or lanuage exchange partners. I have to improve my Japanese coz I'm gonna be here for a LONG time.
Thanks for reading and I hope to talk to more of ya sooner or later.
A good place to get friends is at the KICC on the 20th floor of Kokusai-biru just south of SOGO in Sannomiya. Check the message board or join one of their events. Good luck.
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