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!!IMported games and Systems!!


8 Jan 2003
Hello there:

I need help on buying games and electronics from Japan. Could someone recommend me a website or service that they know is reliable. Whatever it is reply and give me your opinion on this time of buying and whether you think it is good or not. If so where do I start?

There used to be a few, i think.

They're probably given a hard time by the console-manufacturers, since they don't like grey import.
www.play-asia.com I used this site and was very pleased with my experience.

www.lik-sang.com Good selection like play-asia, but didnt have a good experience here. My package didnt come until the estimated time was done like 3 times over, and I didn't like their customer support. When I asked if they could do anything, the first time, before I started pestering them, they just said: can't you wait until the end of the month? lol
Don't use buyrite...........

use himeya :), of and if your looking for any PSX game from JAPAN let me know I got a ton
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