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Here's more info on the poll

Americans have the most favorable opinions of Japan since 1960, according to a poll released Thursday by the Foreign Ministry. The annual Gallup poll, commissioned by the ministry and conducted in March, found a record 49% of ordinary Americans have a favorable opinion of Japan, up 9 percentage points from last year. The figure for U.S. opinion leaders was also a record-high 81%, up 6 percentage points. The poll says economic ties were among the most popular reasons for which both the general public and experts thought favorably of Japan. The poll also shows a record-high 67% of the general public, up from 61%, and a record-high 91% of the country's experts, up from 85%, said they trust Japan as a good U.S. partner. Asked how they see the world's second largest economy in terms of its contribution to the international community, 59% of ordinary Americans and a record 67% of the experts said Japan is fulfilling or partly fulfilling its international duty. The ministry said the outcome was because there were few serious bilateral political problems last year and the United States began putting more emphasis on its alliance partners after the Sept 11 attacks. But the study adds that although a large portion of Americans named Japan the most reliable U.S. partner in Asia still, less respondents voted for it compared with last year. Among the general public, 46% of respondents said they consider Japan the most important U.S. partner in Asia, down 3 percentage points, while the figure for opinion leaders was 64%, a drop of 8 points. On the security relationship, 85% of ordinary Americans and 87% of opinion leaders, compared with last year's 85% for both, said they think the U.S. should maintain the current bilateral security treaty. Nearly 90% of both the general public and the experts said the treaty is important for their own security, in addition to the defense of Japan and the surrounding region. The U.S. pollster conducted the telephone survey in March, covering 1,517 ordinary Americans aged 18 and over and 322 opinion leaders in such fields as politics, business, academia, labor, mass media and religion. The ministry said it has been conducting the poll since 1960. (Kyodo News)
I wonder if those who responded negatively.

What areas of the US they are from. I still wonder about the Japanese's attitudes in Detroit and other auto manufacturing cities around the country?
The attitude here is that they are smart and we are threatend by their cars...they are better in some respects and less expensive.
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