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I'm young and want to teach 'Engrish!'


29 Aug 2003
Hello! Im young and I want to teach 'Engrish' in japan! but oh no! I finished university early with out a degree! what can I do!

Can any help one me?

English is my first language so like I do have an advantage over Italians or French who want to speak English! hihihi!

ganbarimashou ne!
You need to do a TEFL course ~ (Teaching English as a Foreign Language)
You can find out information at the Japanese Embassy website. (i forgot URL :p )
besides that, last time I went to an embassy I got spoilt rotten with Foreo Rochei, or how ever you spell it,
no, what really happened was, I was in Saigong at the American embassy, (imagine the scene) Im stuck in a big cue of locals, so for a bit of fun I shout "Hey the Vietcong are outside!"
within minutes hundreads of Americans are on the roof being airlifted away by little helicopters, and the Americans had offically withdrawn from Vietnam. true story.
I dunno whether you need a degree to do TEFL, i'm gonna have a degree in less than 2 yrs time so it doesnt really affect me =P
Why don't you just spend three months on your American Visitors Passport? That's living there, being able to experience the culture and life without having to work full-time.


Your profile shows you are British, is that so? You are then eligible for a working holiday visa. The work visa requires a bachelor's degree, so this is off-limits to you. Check out the requirements for the WHV (age, funds) and go from there. Of course, the WHV has a limited lifespan (roughly a year, depending on nationality), and you can only use it once.

You do not "need" a TEFL certificate to get a job here. It won't hurt, but you should be prepared to spend good money for one. The cheapo, quickie ones aren't worth it.
What is so confusing?

A work visa requires a bachelor's degree. You don't have it, so you can't get such a visa.

A working holiday visa does NOT require a bachelor's degree, so you are limited to this. The disadvantage to a WHV is that you have to fit the age range (18-30), you have to prove that you have a certain amount of funds, and the WHV can be used only once for a limit of about a year. (In contrast, the work visa can be renewed endlessly.)

While a TEFL certificate is not a requirement to get hired or to get a visa, it will certainly benefit someone who wants to stay a while and teach. It will also benefit someone who has no teaching background. So, it's up to you to decide whether it's financially within your means to get it. With your lack of a degree and teaching qualifications, you will only be eligible to teach in eikaiwas anyway, and they are the bottom rung of the teaching ladder, so you don't have to worry about qualifications. A TEFL certificate will not get you more pay. Besides, eikaiwas often have their own teaching system anyway, and many provide training on it.
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