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im trying to create an official Dir en grey european fan club

Sir Deck

25 Oct 2003
hi everybody, first i want to apologize for all the possibles mistakes im gonna write, coz it's been a long time since i didnt practise english speaking...
im new in your forum, and i live in France...
my favorite japanese band is Dir en grey, and i would like to create an european fan club...so is there anyone intersted about this idea?
id like you all to tell me if you really love Dir en grey, and if you are ready to acomplish this project...
in france, we're already working on this and perhaps we'll create a fan page to support us
please answer me and tell me what do you think about it....
(if we are many enough...our favorite band would be able to give a great concert in Europe...and that's the true ambition...)
so, see you soon!!!!
Hi man... mmm, in fact, i'm interested but just a little problem, I'm not european... I'm american (american continent). Isn't there any plan for us???

Hiz there Sir Deck, as for that fan club, im not very sure how i feel bout that, but anything to do with Dir En Grey sounds just fine to me right now...i just wish i could contact theeeeeeeeeeeeeeem :angryfire an ignored email would be enough... 😭 They're all just too much 😍 Kyo's voice is so....so.....cute? :sing: oh boy i wish i could meet them..or even just go to their concert....but i bet i'd be stuck in the back and miss the whole thing....yea i bet i would... :( maybe if i wish for it real real hard... 😇 nah...😭
You would do well to first find out how such things as fanclubs are set up. A lawyer could help. Officially contact them with such a proposition, but you must have a LOTTA MONEY. Yeah. Attempting an official fanclub is a huge thing, and you must have the money to back you up. Before they would even consider it, they would obviously need proof of a significant number of fans in Europe who would pay to join such a club. Thus, your first task should probably be to create an *unofficial* one. Images, downloads, news - Muse (the unofficial US Gackt FC) is doing a very good job of that on the Gackt front, perhaps you could stop by their OHP and take note. http://www.gackt.us

I apologize that I couldn't offer anything really substantial.

For the one who asked about a US Deg FC, I believe there is such an effort in progress. Just google "Dir en grey official overseas fanclub", or something like that, you should find what you are seeking.

I just wish i could go to japan and meet DeG...maybe if i waited long enough outside some building i knew they were at i could sneak up on them and kidnap Kaoru...:devilish: but he's too big...😭 maybe if i killed whoever was wih them they'd come after me...! 😄 but how do i get to japan without my parents knowing?.....hmmmm...:confused: if i wait till im old enough i can really just forget about it... isnt there any way to fan mail them??? onegai...:(
Their OHP, I believe the address is direngrey.co.jp. Click on... what was that link... 'fanmail'? I think that's what it was. They have email addresses for each member.


sorry 🙇‍♂️ im dumb but...i didnt understand a thing you said...:confused: what's an OHP?...and what did you mean by "they have email addresses for each member"?...members of...what?... gah....gomenasai...:(

Kyi's voice is fantastic! Umbrella is my favorite song. Bye.🙂


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OHP: Official Homepage.

OHP address: Direngrey.co.jp.

Click "Official Site (ENTER)" towards the bottom of the page.

Point your mouse at the top of the page, there's "Top", "What's New", "Live News", "Discography", "Biography", "a knot", and after that is "Fan Mail", which is what you're looking for.


It then says something like "send our cool members fanmail cause you love them".

At the bottom of that page, there are 5 white circles. First one is Kyo, second is Kaoru, third is Die, fourth is Toshiya, and last and certainly least is Shinya.

Click your desired name, and on the page that comes up, fill in your name in the first bar, email in the second, and of course your message in the third and last.

First button at the bottom says "send", or something like it, second says "clear".

Please tell me you could follow those directions. I'll be extremely doubtful of your mental capacity if you cannot.


heh, it's ok, i don't think even I can be ThAt dumb right?...😌 but thanks a lot!!!(for your pacience too haha) 🙂 of course it'll take me like....days...to find the perfect words for that email...:p but i'll make it....eventually...;)
Heh.. yeah I think you could be that dumb *sweat drop* Yeah Kyo's voice is amazing... he can do so much with his voice.. hehe he really has no choice.. he didnt have much patiance for learning piano or guitar ^^;;;


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BuT! i wasnt dumb to DAT point thank goddess....:p aaand i did it!👏 but i bet i wont get a reply....:( those poor babies must be sooo busy (and they dont give a s**t =-cough-=-cough-=) i still love Kaoru though....😌 and yea Kyo DoEs have a koooool powerfull voice...he rocks :p


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OH geez. They give a crap about their fans. Don't even say that. They put alot of effort. In their new cd Vulgar they had there lyrics translated in English for their english speaking fans.. They didnt -have- to do that but they did. They care. Being a musician .. a famose one is allot of work. >.>

Edited for profanity. Don't do it again or I will just delete the whole msg.


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not just the song...anything at Kyo's reach becomes highly inflamable...hehe 😌 anyone around here crazy bout Kaoru and Kyo's cute lil tongues like i am??? :D i thank the world for their existance...🙂 Aishiteru Kaoru kun...! 😍 (okay, so maybe...just maybe i over reacted a bit back there):p but i really am obsessed with them x-x
Kyaaa...goody, im not the only one (right?) 😜 still...i just WISH i'd get a reply....even better if Kaoru actually wrote it...even better if he told me "dont worry, i'll go to your house next weekend, as a new year's gift, how's that?" :D now THAT'S sumthin for me to DrEaM about...🌹 i wanna DO something....but i dont know what! what if i sent him a picture??? maybe that'd work...even if he said im ugly as hell, i might get a reply :D but can i do that?....maybe...maybe not...better wait a cuple months before trying anything out 😄 Kaoru kun...😍 (can you tell i have a thing for Kaoru? o-o) (tOnGuE!!! V)


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Lol yeah I can.. on the plus plus side... He is a great guitarist ^_^


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Good luck. There's been about 500000 attempts to get American fanclubs, but petitions never work. These things cost money. Plus, they obviously don't have as much fans overseas. Then there's the language barrier.

And for those of you who were talking about fanmailing individual members, no they won't reply.

1) The biggest reason, they aren't even allowed to. Kyo's recieved death threats via e-mail before and the record label has disallowed them to reply to mails for the member's own safety. Then, another thing that happened back when they did and could, some dumb@ss, rabid fangirl took something Shinya said in a reply and put it on her quiz or something. I don't remember the whole story, but Shinya wasn't pleased about whatever happened.
2) None of them are fluent in English, so you'd have to at least be fluent in Japanese for them to understand anything.
3) Most major bands don't have the time.

Keep dreaming. :)
you're a bit of a pessimist... if i hadnt known all of that already, you'd have broken my heart. lol. but though their reply is more of a dream then anything, it's alright if they cant answer really ^-^ i just feel better trying watever i can than not doing anything at all. even if it doesnt work, i know i did sumthin, no matter how insignificant it might be to them... or how many times they ve heard ppl tell them how wonderful they r....(or that they deserve to die lol) sumtimes i wonder whether it still means anything to them to receive compliments from fans...anyway, like i said before, im just thankfull for them being there 🙂 gives me a chance to worship 'em :p 😌
oh thats so cool, good luck with your project, im very far away, anyway i would join, guess :)
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