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I'm searching for my friends!


17 Dec 2002
Tabasa and Takura Tomihisa both were resident to Scarsdale way back in the 1990's.
Superb friend they were until they had to depart back to Japan.
I know that they are originally from the Fukuoka area but that is all...Help anyone-please!
It would just be cool to meet them since I've finally arrived in Japan-yeah!
Thank everybody:clap:
Hi TyWay, welcome to the forum. I hope you'll manage to locate your friends. :)
Thanks for the encouragement-appreciate it.
Yeah, they're among the most genuine folks I've know.
Together they made a good impression as friends and for their people. I hope to locate them eventually.
I don't really know where or how else to find that name here in Japan-it seems so prevalent. But I haven't given up yet.
Take it easy for now!:🙂
I'm searching for tabasa and takuro too

I was a friend of Tabasa and Takuro Tomihisa

I'm searching allツ time Tabasa and Takuro too.

We lived in Hieidaira.
They moved Fukuoka,and go to USA.

I want meet Tabasa und Takuro.

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