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15 Mar 2002
Hi there,

My name is Peter, i'm (still) 27 years old and i live in The Netherlands. I work on the graphics department at a small marketing-firm.

I got into Japanese music through a colleague who had been to Japan several times. He let me listen to some Japanese rockmusic and the (unexpected) quality literally astounded me.
From then on i was hooked and started importing cd's from Japan.

On a good day, i boldly sent an email to a national Dutch radiostation, urging them to play Japanese music. They invited me for a listening session and that got me a steady item on one of their shows.

You can hear me on Kink FM (check KINK for the internet-stream) every tuesday and friday at 8:30 PM CET (that's 7:30 GMT).
I can only play 2 songs, but i feel very privileged to be able to promote Japanese music (and culture) this way.

What else is there to know about me? Well, my girlfriend is from Thailand. Just like Thomas, i also met her through ICQ. Since i visit Thailand so much, i haven't had the opportunity to visit Japan yet. But it will happen sooner or later.

You still keep amazing me after all these years, Peter! Didn't know you are some sort of "cultural ambassador".

Your appearances at Kink FM are marked, looking forward to listening to your show.

Oh yes, ICQ, a blessed thing. When I think of it, my first site was about long-distance relationships, thanks God it's been deleted a long time ago, lol.
ICQ ... hehehe ... ahem ... hehehehe.
I met my wife the analog way ... at a bar .... lololololo

Radio spot. I'm jealous!

any on-line examples?
Well, i'm not a designer. I mostly do typesetting. I've attempted some designing in my spare time for my (currently incredibly outdated) website which can probably still be found here: http://home.hccnet.nl/p.zoon/s2l2/s2l2.htm

A close friend of mine is a designer and he' so good that i've stopped trying. You can find his work here: http://www.mediadictators.com

My work is just a means to generate money. I'm not passionate about it. What i'd really would like to do is work in the music-business. I'm not sure in which form, as long as i can work with music.
I thought about starting a recordlabel which would only release Japanese music, but I don't think anyone would be crazy enough to invest in a shaky operation like that.
A Dutch or English Jpop-magazine perhaps? I don't think there's a market for that in Holland. Maybe it's possible on a European scale.
Aside from that, i'm also trying to compose and produce my own music, however that has turned out to be a lengthy learning process before i am able to create something that's good enough to be worth listening to.
Ah well, so many plans, so little time. :mad:

Cable TV!

hehe ... A.T.V .... Asian TV music channel, why put to waste your print industry experience.

My wife's friend is a Typesetter too (first Japanese female to pass the test apparently) ... what exactly do you do?

I like your work. I probably could never afford you though :(
Yes, your friend is great but ... you're not that bad to give up entirely!
Actually, all I do is run text into rectangle boxes, apply a font to it and stick some pictures around it. It's all done digital these days.
I never studied for this and got into it by accident.
I reccon it's a lot harder for non-roman languages though.
hmmm, good question.

Possibly more difficult to do since lot's of software packages are not as advanced as they are for roman languages.
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