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5 Jun 2002
Hello I'm Jupernia,

I'm 20 years old and I currently live in Tampa, Florida. I have been in love with the Japanese culture this I was able to talk. I love anime and I love J-Rock/Pop. Some of my favortie artist are Kazumasa Oda, Glay , Malice Mizer, Pierrot, Utada Hikaru and Ayumi Hamasaki to name a few. 😄
Welcome Jupernia, nice to have you here! Couldn't you send some sunshine from Florida to rainy Europe?
welcome abroad!

hehe ... check into Gackt from Malice Mizer I believe, he's like the hot item this year.
I am Nimisha from India.I really love Japan and Japanese culture.Hey & don't 4get d cool Japanese animation
Hi, Jupernia. Welcome to the forum.
So you like anime?
I'm currently watching GTO. 👍
Hi Jupernia ! Welcome To The Forum !!

This was the first winter/spring I wished I lived in Florida instead of Maine!
Glad you found the Forum, post often & enjoy!



Tampa has J-Cosplay coming

Florida's premiere anime convention

TAMPA BAY, FL, February 8, 2005 – Pre-registration is officially open for METROCON 3 – Tampa Bay, Florida's premiere anime convention – via the convention Web site at metroconventions.com. The event's third year is scheduled to take place on the weekend of June 24-26, 2005, at the Tampa Convention Center, Tampa, FL.

Membership rates for METROCON 2005 are as follows:
Three-Day Membership (Friday, Saturday and Sunday
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