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I'm new ^^

Hi Rocketdive, welcome aboard! 🙂

I think I have already indexed your website before, X-Japan.
Konnichiwa Rocketdive-san!

Welcome and Hajimemashite. I'm a Japanese, of course I like j-pop too. But I don't know a J-rock and metal thoroughly.:eek:

Hi there Rocketdive.

Good website indeed. It's nice to see that history from the Perfect Best cd translated in English. :)
Hello Rocketdive i'm new on here too 😄

I don't really listen to Japanese metal tho..
(i'm rather into hiphop)

Hope we can enjoy being on here!! 🙂

by the way.. smilies are soooooooo cute!
Hi there GoNetik,
Welcome aboard! 🙂

Do you listen to J-hp-hop or only American hip-hop?
Thanks for your welcome, Twisted and Iron Chef :wavy:

@Twisted: I listen to all kinds of Hiphop, Japanese, American, European, but i mostly am interested in western hiphop :)
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