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^^ Im New!!

Annyonghaseyo !

Chonun Maciamo imnida.

Hmm, that's all I can say in Korean so far. I went to Seoul last September. Great place ! 👍

Anyway, welcome aboard ! ;) What are your interests for Japan ?
I'm the last one today, but I bid you welcome too. Enjoy the board! 🙂
Konnichiwa Eunmee-san!

Wow! pretty dog! I love a dog too!
I'm a Japanese, and Korean is a neighbor! Yoroshikune!🙂

Thank you for the welcome!!
No sorry That isnt my dog, but I wish!.. it is just that pictures of dogs are popular in korean stationary and accessories. ^^
Maciamo: my interest in japan is their music & fashion..
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