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Im new to the Form, Hello


27 Mar 2003
Hello Everyone,

I am a forest technician in the isolated northern forests of Labrador that is north of Newfoundland Canada
I am 37 year old man originally from england but a Canadian citizen for many years now.
My interest in Japan stems from the common sources of what we stereotypically know of Japan ;Samurai, Fishing, Art,Karate, etc.
What I find so beautiful about Japan is the passion I seem to see in all the culture.
Forgive me if my views are juvenile and naive but I will learn more.
My trade is forestry and my hobbies are the arts music and writing.
Any tips or directions on sources of info about these things much appreciated.

My Best Regards
Konnichiwa Guyplayfair-san!

Welcome and Hajimemashite. Japan is a forest land too. The 70 % of land is mountain and forest. Is Japan an industrially advanced nation? Hahaha... It's a fantasy. Japan is a rural country even now. But Samurai is an extinct already.:giggle:

Greetings and welcome aboard! Sounds like you have a very interesting profession. I'm sure you'll find much in common with the rest of our members concerning all things Japanese. :cool:
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