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Im new talk to me plz

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Your user title; the grammer is "I'm an angel" not a angel.

Stay in school, for your own sake.
why are you being so damn picky bout what i write huh i am a teen so im suposed
injoy life you are 31 leave me alone bout my english plz and thanks
I wish I could enjoy life simply by making grammatical errors.

And actually, I'm 22. Just turned it today.

Oh, and a little puncuation could'nt hurt you either. Of course, you are a teen, I guess part of being a teen is lack of punctuation, grammar skills, and what not. Have a ball and make all the mindless typos you wish. I'm just trying to help you out. I'd hate to see the employer you are applying for who reads your resume.
Put what behind us? Me trying to help you with your terrible typing skills?

You should feel lucky. I'm complying with your request of a conversation. Asking me to be your friend is a bit much. I dont like you. I dont want to like you. And I also dont want to spend time in a friendship with you trying to decipher what the f*ck it is you are saying.
any one else want to talk to me to plz dont be like him and correct me on any thing it scares me
If what I do frightens you, I'd hate to see your face when you look at your report card.

Actually, I would like to see that.
Spelling must not be on the course. At least, not included in English.

Either that, or Computer class.

Whats this now? Resorting to curse words? My, isnt that original. Lets see what else you can come up with, oh straight-A prodigy.
I'm sure you can do better than that, hmm? You didnt even clarify what finger. For all I know, you could be pointing at the air, or a plane in the sky.

Or as you would probably put it "look, aapwane in da skai"
i thought you would be smart enough to figure out what finger it was but i gave you to much credit so sorry
And I here I am thinking you were intelligent enough to realize that basing intelligence off of ones grasp of assumptions is a terribly inaccurate way of measuring it.
screw it i dont have time to play ring around the rosey with you little baby some one with so much time on there hands to correct a teen is truely gay. bye
Its unfortunate that someone with such apparent high levels of intelligence would use the word gay as an adjective for something derogatory.
Awww look at you, still trying to give the impression that homosexuals are something to be shunned. *tsk* You are just too darned cute. *pinches your cheeks*

Keep practicing, and maybe you'll be able to come up with a comment that might actually hurt my feelings. Dont lose hope little one!
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