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I'm moving to Japan!


22 Jun 2003
Hey guys I'm moving to Tokyo Japan on a working holiday visa for one year, and if I like it I'll stay!! I leave from Toronto NOV 27th 10:30am Air Canada non stop to Tokyo! I've never been to Japan so this will be my first time going. People are calling me crazy because I'm going there to live even though I've never been there before lol. It sounds insane but I don't care because life is to short! I thought I'd share my happiness with you guys!
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Congrats Blade!!! I'm happy for you, I'm trying to achieve the same thing for next summer...for now on, I've had one positive answer from Kyoto :)
I hope you'll have the best time of your life there!
Thanks guys. My Japanese is at a begginer level, but I know I can learn quickly when I arrive.
You have my condolences... :D
just kidding....good luck...and don't teach any engrish you'll regret later :D I'm assuming you're going there as an Engrish teacher/instructor :D
Grats man! I know this must be an exciting time for you (i'll be joining you shortly myself). You'll do fine, my only advice to you would be to stay as far away from other native English-speakers as possible your first year. You're in Japan, make Japanese friends! You will also find that your Japanese language ability (should you choose to pursue it) will accelerate much quicker if you're not spending all your free time hanging out with other English-speakers. Most importantly, have fun!
Excellent. Good for you. A new world has opened its doors to you and I hope you take advantage of it to its fullest. Remember while people seem different, it is only becuase you are not as they are. All cultural barriers can be overcome with a little understanding and patience. I wish you the best luck in your time there and hope you come away from the experience as I have. Japan is a country to be truely admired not for thier mystique, but for their deep culture and beliefs.
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Thanks for the advice guys, I'm sure I'll have a blast in Tokyo. Iron Chef I'll see ya soon buddy. You guys rock!
Wow that is excellent m8, i know some one who went over to Japan and people thought he was crazy !!! but now he hasnt come back and lets say he is a very rich man, works for a huge firm , becuase he knows japanese and english ! very succesful ! I doubt ill be see-ing him in Leeds any time soon !!! go for it my friend, as for me i think ill probably going to scam my way into japan, like marry a japanese women !!! =P
I'm moving to Tokyo Japan on a working holiday visa for one year, and if I like it I'll stay!!

What do you plan to do after your WHV runs out? It can't be renewed after a year.
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