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I'm looking for good anime


27 Oct 2003
hi there !

Im new to this forum, but i love the way people are talking to eachother, all nice and really intrested in the same thing, ANIME / MANGA :D:clap: :p 👍

Well i think im still a noobie in the anime world, so im asking the old anime masters on this forum to guide me to the best anime series around !
Please give me anime wich i can download with bittorrent ;)

Thankz already !

thankz old anime master :)
All new animes for me, except chobits. Great serie that was !!
I will start looking for them right a way !
lol np, also i forget to mention 'noir'
ikkitousen is still really new the last episode should come out for torrent next week. the fansubs were only a couple weeks behind the original air dates. anime-keep's version is probably the best since you can get more of them than the others and they have the smallest file size, save episode 11 because the voice sync is way off.
some of my favs:

Full Metal Panic (2nd season just out as well)
Last Exile
Wolf's Rain
Argento Soma
some of my favs:

Full Metal Panic (2nd season just out as well)
Last Exile
Wolf's Rain
Argento Soma
why did nobody told me HELLSING rox too !!!
I'm almost finished with the anime serie...All i can say = Great !!!
maybe ayashi no ceres, ah! my goddesse, fruits basket, slam dunk, and eh... yeah, like above already said, rave, fushigi yuugi, gensomaden saiyuki... ^^
Ah! my goddess, cowboy bebop, love hina, Berserk, hellsing, trigun, Neon Genesis evangelion are all good, oh and samurai X is good too
Here's a few (yaoi excluded) anime I can think of.. ;)
  • Prince of Tennis!!
  • DNAngel
  • Ebichu
  • Inu Yasha
  • Yami no Matsuei (yet to see any bittorrents download for this anime though..)
  • Card Captors Sukura
  • Gravitation(if u can accept its shounen-ai theme.. 😌 )
  • Slam Dunk
  • Ayashi no Ceres (certainly beats reading the manga.. just been bias.. here coz I do not really favor the author's plots.. too much of "character torturing" and angsty.. but this is quite a nice series.. ^^ )
  • Fushigi Yuugi
I have only seen a few, but they were mostly good.
Ruroni Kenshin
DB, DBZ (Can't say for DBGT, I haven't seen it)
Yugioh (duh)
Sailor Moon is kinda good...nikkitheinsane got me hooked on that one :)
My friend recommends also Yu Yu Hakusho and Inuyasha
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