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i'm in need of some help please!!!


28 Sep 2003
🙂 Hi I'm from Australia, and travelling to tokyo in October, i was wondering if anyone could help me find a detailed road map of tokyo area including chiba, as i am unable to find one.
Also if you would like to suggest things to to in tokyo that would be cool, most appreciated.
Thanks :) 🙂
Book stores !

Some of the bigger book stores have tons of maps and books on Japan. My local Borders Store causes me to go broke buying books on Japan.

you could ask around at some of the little travel shops in your city, i know theres a bunch in melbourne, they would probably know. otherwise you could use World and USA Maps for Sale - Buy Maps to buy one. though you'd have to pay international shipping which would probably be 5-7 aussie dollars plus the price of the map. rand mcnally used to have the whole world on their site but they've downgraded to just north america. good luck with your search :)
i would be loathe to recommend anything (to do) while in Japan (or anywhere else), because my idea of fun is usually quite different than that of the average homosapien
however, if inputting one's likes into google, then searching within results with "Japan" usually gets me close to where i need to be -- found CyberJapan i think on my first try
maps of Tokyo and Chiba? the Information Center (for foreigners) at Narita Airport is a good start... the people there speak EXCELLENT english and can give detailed (FREE) maps and directions to almost anything -- plus they can make hotel reservations also

edit: link
now trying to find a link of the actual Information Center in the airport brb

if you're in the Tokyo area, then go to kamakura and the nearby temples...

In Tokyo, if it's your first time, check out
1. Imperial Palace
2. Ginza district
3. Shibuya/Harajuku (for the funky dressed young folks)
4. Shinjuku (the role-model for the movie bladerunner)
5. Asakusa (for the touristy trap items on sale there)
6. Akihabara (if you're a techno geek, or in need of some new gadgetry that you'll most likely never see outside of Japan)
7. Yokohama's Landmark Tower and the Minato Mirai area
8. Many of the ramen, okonomiyaki, kaiten-sushi and other foods of interest....

just a quick checklist... :D

there is also Nikko outside of Tokyo that you can check out...and some of the other sites....but those are most likely to be the primary first time check out sites....
Yea shinjuku is AWSOME! there's like 5 sofmaps and the ONLY wendy's fastfood restaraunt i've ever seen in japan. Not only that but it's only a short train ride to Tokyo Disney. Umm .. not that all them things are useful to tourists.. oh yea! theres a foreign run bank there.. all the staff speak english and are very helpfull.
hey jim_jp .
I checked out the sight that you gave me, on maps and it turned out that the page was having difficulty while i was visiting it, so i will try again later.
Re: so i be getting the setto

Originally posted by budd
"there's like 5 sofmaps and the ONLY wendy's fastfood restaraunt i've ever seen in japan."
it's one in shibuya? lessee if i can describe it right...
come out of the station walking from hachiko, cross the street, walk up alongside book 1 -- watch out for the bicycles -- the penguin store should be adjacent? go past gamest and run right into it?
i remember going in and being mad cause they didn't have no 99 en menu :( man! they would have got all my business if they had just played baru...
it's down the street from the namco intl and the mcdonalds? oh well
edit: just for future ref in case one gets to craving and all that

Wendy's has the 99 cent menus like America but it's not 99 cents because they obviously don't run off nickles and dimes.

If you go to Wendy's you'll still see the items off it's "Super Value Menu" which isn't COMBOS, you'll notice that you can still get JR Bacon Cheese Burgers for really cheap but there is a catch, it's required you order a combo or other food to get the Super-value meal discount (so you can't just order eight 150yen sandwhiches.) Also just about every fast-food restaurant dosen't have free refills so have fun dying of heat-stroke during the summer's humidity if going during that time on a budget.


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