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15 Mar 2002
After a depressing month of living without an internet connection 😲, i'm back!
I've moved into a new house and my ISP wasn't able to move my ADSL-connection along with me. I had to cancel the subscription and re-apply. Took a while, but it works again.

Actually, living without internet is not that bad. You people should try it sometimes. :)
Welcome back, Twisted! ;)

Not too long ago, my hard drive died, and I was a week or so without internet. I found a lot of other stuff to do during that time and it was much fun. There were days wgere I was just dancing and singing like a crazy woman in my living room. I had forgotten how much fun it was to just turn the real stereo up and have a good time. It beat the hell out of my computer speakers! I think my kids thought something was wrong with me, though... :p
Old Tom Cruise movie !

I can see you with the broom in your underwear like tom in the movie. Now that would make your kids wonder !

Welcome Home !!!

By the way, welcome back twisted ! The last few days seem quiet on the forum, we need some active players to yak things up !

Good to see you back, Peter! 🙂

I also took 2 weeks off due to a failed Windows Update (needed to upgrade my box), so I know what it means to be without internet for so long.
Thanks everyone!

Heh Thomas, i've been messing about with my system for a whole week to get my wireless network card going. Reinstalled Windows, removed and exchanged every card in my computer but i couldn't get it to work. In the end it turned out my motherboard didn't like the card. Now i've exchanged that one with another brand (with the same chipset) and it works like a charm.
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