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Im a newbie...


Danshaku Sadako
30 Dec 2003
Kon'nichi wa 2 all! :D

Yup I am a newbie alright!

I really admire Japanese culture and I first came acquainted with their culture way back when I was in High School. The school made us watch a movie by Akira Kurusawa (pardon my spelling) called Dreams which started my fascination with Japanese culture. The city where I live now was a silent sleepy city back then so that it was hard for me to look for stuff about Japan or maybe I just didnt know where to look. You see my city has a place called Little Tokyo. Why? Because Japanese were here in the past and they helped build my city. 🙂

When I was young I remember that my siblings and I loved to watch all time anime classics (here in the Phils) such as Voltes V and Daimos. These anime disappeared for a while. It was the Dragonball anime which made me remember my fascination. Then there came Kenshi Himura who for a long time was my greatest crush!!

Last year, I was introduced to Japanese Horror Films via Ringu.
:sorry: Gomenasai but you see they came to my city so late! Til now it's really hard to find vcd's of the Ringu trilogy and other films of such genre. Alas, I only have Ringu 1 and 2.... Sadako Yamamura is my favorite horror movie character...

I would really like to learn Nipon-go and if the Supreme Being deems me worthy, I would like to go to Japan, and visit historical places and landmarks and of course watch sakura fall on the ground and buy me a hakama (I used to study aikido).

Suddenly! I realize that I have to cut this short because it's getting longer...:) Arigato gozaimasu to all of you!
Arigato Gozaimasu!

😄 Thank you to all who welcomed me warmly...

Akimashita omedetto!!!

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