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illigal or not ??


27 Oct 2003
Hi there,

Since i have mass anime on my hdd, i was thinking of burning them on dvd and send them to people who can't/don't wanna dl those series from internet.
Im talking about series wich are NOT licented
Is this illigal ? Ofcource i would ask allitle money.That's becuase i have to buy the empty dvd's.

If it's illigal, i won't do it...Strange thing is...everybody can download it from internet.
Well, there's never been any question about legality... trading/distributing material that you don't own the copyrights to is illegal. That's what "copyright law" means... the question has always been one of "morality". Does the good of your making the material available to other people, potentially creating new consumers of the product, outweigh the damage of allowing people an option to access copyrighted for free (which doesn't give any support to the original creators)?

The whole issue of fansubbing and distribution is one of the most complicated and divisive issues in anime fandom, and I couldn't begin to give a "moral" answer on the subject... but if you're making a decision simply based on whether it's legal or not, let me assure you it's not.
i'd say you shouldnt ask for more money than can cover your expenses, eg. discs and shipping. its a very sticky situation, so be aware of when something becomes licensed and stop distribution. if your not making a profit then its unlikey that you'll be prosecuted for it.
yer that was the plan...it's not to get rich ;) it's just to help other anime fans...and maybe we can start some tradings :)
That's all...

I will think twice about it...thankz for reply !
Either way it's iffy....but if you're not seeking to make a profit...just to cover expenses than I don't really see a lot wrong with it. But yeah like it's said when it does become licensed you shouldn't do it...but until then I just consider it as creating a fanbase for an anime that people may never get to see outside of Japan
I don't know about copyright law in the Netherlands, but U.S. copyright law states that you may make a copy for your private use, but you may not make copies and receive money for them. I also don't remember what the International Copyright law says, but I can look it up if you like.
Disclaimer: I am not a lawyer.
it wou ld be great if you would do that for me 🙂, after all im just a manga fan 👏 Don't wanna do something illigal, while i think im helping other people.
And again, i don't wanna make profit.I Just wanna set up a trading trough post instead of internet.

🙂 thankz for all your reply's and support so far !🙂
dont be stupid of corse its ilegal but its just anime no one going to care aslong as its not licinsed and by that time it would be to late
I think what people mean is this, Kevin... in the eyes of the law, making/distributing copies of copyrighted material is completely illegal. This works internationally as well as within your own country because most countries in the world signed onto the Berne Convention, which protects copyrights within all member nations. Taiwan is a notable exception, which is why you see so much "pirated" material produced in Taiwan.

However, because you're looking to copy Japanese material in the Netherlands, the chances of the Japanese rightsholder trying to prosecute you are pretty low. Logistically it wouldn't be worth it to them, unless your operation was so huge that they couldn't ignore it.

So it's all a matter of what you're concerned about. If you worried simply about engaging in illegal activity, then you should know that activity is illegal. If you're concerned about the legality because you don't want to get caught and be punished, then there isn't much chance of that... and you'd probably be issued a "cease and desist" warning first. That's what JAILED did in the United States way back when... anybody remember them?
ok i get the point...

I will post my collection here soon...unless there is a problem with it...maybe there are some series you guys don't know yet, or din't payed attention to :)

Thanks for good explaining. I was just wondering hoe people would look at it.
Last question to ya all...Do you think people would be intresting in this kind of trading ??
FYI Kevin, we do not allow members to use these forums to trade illegally copyrighted materials. Please keep that in mind for future reference.
:D nice way 2 go spike ! :D
Thankz already...i will post soon on your board !
Problem is...your board is empty :( are there any people who visite your site spike ?
Originally posted by ||-KeviN-||
Problem is...your board is empty :( are there any people who visite your site spike ?
Lol :). O and kevin have you ever heard off piracy. d/l'ing the content without owning the origional is piracy and selling the pirated copys is distribution of piracy. Lol the whole purpose of this post is lame of course its il-legal lol how wouldnt it be. How old are you??. Most people should have known this!!
hmm...im 19 :D
The thing is...im quite new in this manga world...i remember this site where they said, we only provide manga who are not licended.
That's why i was confused...Since then i wasn't really sure if trading those manga's would be illigal, but maybe your right...:( it was a stupid question after all :(
For further clarification, just because something isn't licensed for distribution in your country doesn't make the anime "unlicensed". Obviously the material is still licensed by the original Japanese creator/distributor and, under the Berne Convention, is still subject to all applicable copyright laws.

Sorry about all the discouraging info, since you seem so interested in doing this, but you asked originally about the legality of these things... and talking pure legality, many of the activities that the anime fanbase outside of Japan engages in, including:

* Distributing anime via file-sharing through the Internet
* Distributing anime on DVD, for profit or not for profit
* Fansubbing anime and distributing copies on VHS, for profit or not

...are all illegal activities, no matter how well-intentioned they may be. Whether or not these activities are right or wrong from a "moral" standpoint has always been one of the loudest arguments in anime fandom itself... but don't worry, Kevin. You're not the first person to ask these questions, and I'm sure you won't be the last. It's probably good to revisit this topic from time to time.
yeah. I also run my own black market at school (I'm only 13 :p) but use it to make a profit to expand selection. My manga work is coming out of the profits. MONEY :D
well about that illegality ****:
in LT i'm selling anime CD for 1.5 $(expennses are 0.5$ per cd) and making quet good money. and i dont care if its illegal or not.ofcourse in your more advaced country things may be more complicated

I buy and sell, , PC games mustly, very rare, to collectors, and i can tell you, its "illigal" to burn CD`s.
Here`s an article from one of gaming descussion board.>>>>

Software and Copyright Law
FAQ's and Posting Guidelines

There has been a huge amount of discussion recently generated about software copyright law and related matters. GameBoomers has decided to put out some information that may help answer basic questions that have come up, such as: What can I do with the software that I own? What does the law really prohibit? Does copying of software really matter? What about old games?

We are also announcing a clarification of the existing posting guidelines that we believe will better support the gaming industry and prevent use of these forums to violate existing laws.

Q. What exactly does the law say about copying software?

A. The law says that it is illegal to make or distribute copies of copyrighted material, including software, without authorization. If you do so, this is piracy, and you may face not only a civil suit, but also fines of up to $150,000 and jail terms of up to 5 years. The law applies equally to schools, businesses, non-profits and individuals making and/or distributing software and content.

Q. So I'm never allowed to copy software for any reason?

A. If a backup copy was not included in the box with your original diskettes or if the software instructs you to make backup copies when you turn on a new computer, you are permitted to make one copy in order to have both a working copy and a backup copy of the program. Copyright law prohibits you from making additional copies of the software for any other reason without the permission of the software company. If the publisher has authorized any exceptions to the copyright law, they will be stated in the license agreements that accompany all software products.

Q. But how come I can copy movies and that isn't illegal. Isn't it the same thing?

A. The Court decision that expanded on the fair use portion of the copyright law that applies to video recordings is a very narrow exception to copyright law and is strictly limited to video recordings made from broadcasts. By copying an aired version of a movie/show you are not copying the tape itself. So there is no copyright involvement. It is still absolutely illegal to copy the tape itself. This exception was one of the key counter arguments put forth in the Napster case and they were rejected. In other words the courts refused to enlarge the exception created for video recordings to include sound recordings. It has also refused to extend that exception in preliminary rulings involving warez.

Q. I'll bet most of the people who copy software don't even know that they're breaking the law.

A. Because the software industry is relatively new and because copying software is so easy, many people are either unaware of the laws governing software use or choose to ignore them.

Q. So what harm does it do if I make just one copy for a friend?

A. Perhaps on an isloated basis none, but this occurs over and over again among thousands of users worldwide and the toll on the industry is undeniable. Although it is highly unlikely that anyone is going to go after a consumer or a burned copy of a game distributed to a few friends, there are other reasons to be wary. For one - there is no software support for illegal copies. Secondly, there is a real epidemic of virus transfer through infected CD's and even atttached to cracked game downloads. Finally, it's just wrong and does cut deeply on a mulitplied basis into game profits. No profits - or even no break even - it's simple - NO MORE GAMES.

Q. So where does GameBoomers stand on all this?

First, in the membership agreement that we all agreed to when we registered, there's an area where we all said we would not post material that violated any laws. Yes, we know no one really reads those things, but it's there already and a great place to start. So GameBoomers now has an expressed policy of deleting posts that advocate, solicit or are by their content a violation of existing software copywrite laws. Please don't post a request for a copy of a disc that seems to be missing from your game box. Don't advertise that you have a copy of that hot new (but expensive game) and to be nice, who would like it. It's simple - burning copies, downloads of a game are illegal, except for some software that allows backups. We have never seen a game that in it's licensing agreement allowed back ups. Almost all are also copyprotected. If you have to pick the lock - it's theft...period. So GameBoomers will not be able to allow such posts to stay on the board, not only for liability reasons, but out of respect for the many game developers who post and read the forums at GameBoomers.

Second, on the issue of floating games. It's not illegal to loan out your game. Not according to copyright law. Otherwise libraries couldn't exist. GameBoomers also understands after hearing from a number of developers and game publishers - that mass floats of brand new or relatively new games cuts into their profits. At the very least it's highly frustrating and insulting to see a game you fought to get funded, struggled for years to get finished and then sweated out getting it published and distributed: openly passed around to a large number of folks for free. We are now requesting that you do not float a game that can still be purchased either online or in your local game store. Anyone can see that it's not a problem for members to swap games or even loan a game to a few friends, particularly the games that are no longer being produced or available through licensed resellers and sellers. There isn't any other way for people to get a chance to play these games. So for obvious reasons GameBoomers supports and has provided forum space to be used for this nature. The bottom line is common sense and support for the continued production of games. GameBoomers believes it has the best members on the web - and hopes that you will understand and support these small changes.

copyright ツゥ 2002 GameBoomers

Also, here`s a link from another site:

10 Big Myths about copyright explained

And, yes. I did ask permission for posting this links here.

All i can say; you are young. if you start doing illigal things now, some day, you can get into bigger illegal things, and your life will be up-side-down.
The best thing to do, is not start do what is wrong in the first place.

It is, how the organize crime start: from innocent semple things.

Its not worth it! Once you start get abet of, the rest is easy!

I have to compliment you for posting and asking. Doing so, you are already ahead of honesty.


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