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illegal banner?


9 Oct 2003
I just found the following amazon.com banner (attached) in a jbanner.

I thought the rules were that the banner had to do with Japan? What does Amazon.com have to do with Japan?

just wondering.



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There are about 3 default banners that show up if there are no credits by members of the banner exchange.
Thomas - I see. Thanks.

Frank -

Most Modern City Libraries, Barnes and Nobles and other major book stores (and book selling web sites) around the world also carry books about Japan. SO I guess B&N, all book stores/websites and libraries in all countries around the world should put banners up too on jbanner too, right?

For you...these are probbaly ok too:

Maybe Kirin Beer and Toyota should be allowed to advertise on jbanner too becuase they are products made in Japan. Right?

Maybe you are in japan so you'd like to put up a pitcure of your face as a jbanner. Right?

Maybe the Korean government should put up a jbanner becuase it is the country closest to Japan. Right?

Well...as a webmaster I dont want those on my site. I want only japan related banners.
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