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I'll tell you one thing that isn't Japan Related


16 Jun 2002

I'm just wondering why, Macaimo or whoever's so-called Japan site has so many views when it's not even Japan-related and no offense buddy but it should be re-listed under Pop-Up Topsites, because I lost viewing space after the first four seconds, but yea good job for getting more votes than me, you must have one hell of a fan-base.


"He is simply a dick on wheels, rolling infinitesimally close, but never reaching, the object of lust." CS, 3/1/03

Maybe it's because he doesn't list "This new year I'll be traveling around the US, Canada and Japan trying to fill this site to the brim w/ more *******, boards and beer binges,." as one of the objectives for his site...
As this thread is not Japan-related, I'll move it to Chit Chat. :)
Hey Josh!
Topsites is not a competition!
It's simply a helping hand for webmasters to get more hits on their site.
Hmm, if people take it that serious, I should perhaps start to charge for listings, lol.
Hmm now here's a real point of view, top-sites are hit only as much as an individual(each individual) cares to do so, and the title of the site has a lot to do with the number of hits and the interest the title can summon🙂
@Thomas&Twisted🙂 🙂 surely your points shall now be taken and appreciated by all site hosts (for want of a better word!) Rome was not built in a day!!!! it took time, dedication (which I admire wholeheartedly) and sacrifice 🙂 🙂
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