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24 Feb 2003
has anyone else watched this anime? its loosly based on the three kingdoms era and kinda ecchi. im still trying to figure out who some of the charactors are supposed to represent. i know sonsaku hakufu = sun ce, shuyu koukin = zhou yu, ryofu = lu bu and some others i cant remember their names right now. i really hope they make another season because 13 episodes just isnt enough.
It's not good as they do a whack job *heh considering the fanboy content in this anime...* on tying in the three kingdom account into the plot. It also should just be a hentai and it's also a blatant rip-off of Tenjo Tenge.

I wouldn't bank on a second season, but the manga has been licensed by Tokyopop as "Battle Vixens".
yeah they have magic shirts that always manage to keep them barely covered. the three kingdoms thing is why i originally started watching it. i see the fanboy content as a bonus :p but they are at is still very early in the three kingdoms timeline and i wanna see how they represent other people. though i think ryomou should be xiaohao dun not lu meng. nor should the whole thing be centered around sun ce, since he was hardly in the book, and only the ruler of wu for like 3 years before he died.
the opening song reminds me of some early 90s music.
battle vixens? bleh.
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