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if you just feel like talking about anime...


3 Jan 2004
This is for all people who just wanna talk about anime. The shows, the music, the games, toys...whatever. Just have fun!
My favorite series are: NGE, Ceres, Hamtaro(just because I love hamsters ^_^),Fushigi Yuigi and Love Hina. I also like the movie Vampire Hunter D:Bloodlust.
Feel free to write whatever ya want!:p
Ja ne
I love hamtaro. I tried to resist but the cuteness was too great. The annoying theme song, the sugar-y sweet style, it was just too much for me. Don't get me wrong I love violence, I love the bloddy battle and death. But for some reason no matter what I did, I could not resist.
I know what you mean...the cuteness is great!!!! :p
I had a cute little hamster....I wish I had another one.
Blood and guts is great but everyone needs a little cuteness sometimes.
Hamtaro... that opening song.... so Happy and Joyful... I even memorized it. heh.
Yea I've memorized it too^-^ I also memorized the ending too. I think I'm a little obessive, but not in a bad way..........^-^
I don't think obsessive is bad when it comes to anime. You could have many worse obessions. I love the little dance hamtaro does during the ending! 😍 He can really get down :giggle: 😄 :giggle:
I have the escaflowne movie...I haven't seen the series...😭
my last hamster died in my hand....it was so sad...i think it fell off it's wheel and crushed something...so when i can home from school...it was awful...😭 my boyfriend thinks hamtaro is the devil, and he loves ninja scroll...anyways...enough rambling...
Gory anime is cool if they have a decent storyline to go along with it, like the movie bloodlust. undying love+bloody and gory action=great anime.
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