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If you could be sucked in to an anime world which would it be and why?

Esca=Van=Hitomi=moon!==HEaven baby!


I love sword fighting and mechas!!!
:cautious: [even had one in battle but people couldn't beat so cheapies]

And because moon could be hitomi!!

You know I have yet to see escaflowne I'm want to see it sooo bad. It's hard to pick I want to live in the whole anime world. Maybe final fantasy yup that would be cool. And hentai thats good stuff still waiting for mine in the mail.
hmm hmm
Vandread would be a close shot. Definitely not Evangelion though, that'd be one dangerous world. :)
mmm, Eva would be scary. You would have to put up with auska, but I wouldn't mind shutting her hole, lol
Hmm, feudal japan with Inuyasha! *hearts* I love that show! You guys see last nights ep on adult swim!? It was so sad and cute at the same time! *sniff*
Well i would wana be stuck in AKIRA

Reason: its a crazy city and i would wanna be in a biker gang and just break up the streets and blow up cars,plus the citys look really nice. 😊
hmm... hard to decide thats either terrorizing the world with Unit 01 or ... watching the hilarious antics of Azumanga Daioh...
Remeber Onigirl Chan you can only pick one, So choose wisly cause one day it could really happen and what you wrote could affect everything. :yuk:
hmmmm.... I'd want to be want to be sucked into Samurai X and hang out with kenshin and maybe get him to teach me to use a sword... but then I would start running around chasing ppl with it, which, while amusing, would get me cut up by a real swordsman... so I guess I would want to go into the DBZ world and chill with Goku (now THAT would be cool) :D
Mmmm... interesting thread~

I would go with RahXephon and tune the world to my liking... Muhahaha
I wouldn't mind the ghost in the shell, so then I could shout at togasa and give him really boring jobs such as arrest those garbage men
*togasa yes sery the exsitment never ends*
Originally posted by Hidden_Wisdom
Well i would wana be stuck in AKIRA

Thats where i would be...just so i could have a coolass bike like Kaneda's!!! its too cool!!!! ;)

Originally posted by Onigiri Chan
oh pittu -.-
Fine then, i'll choose Escaflowne...it's so nifty!


[walks around in escaflowne guymelef swinging his sword love!]
I can be Keitaro from Love Hina too :)

Ahem... no it's not just the girls, i like being a dorm manager... lol
I would love to be sucked into Cowboy bebop
i think me and spike would get along well lol
Just sitting aroun Smoking :smoke: And eating 🍜
of course there are outlaws to catch and such but meh who has the time.
And yeah Love Hina would be good to *thinks of Naru* 😍 Vn_nV
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