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If Mr God Had Clear Conscience

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30 Apr 2003
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IF MR GOD HAD CLEAR CONSCIENCE - Damn good soul teasing chapters from Piddler on the Hoof by S.I. Fishgal - COOLEST BOOK ON HOTTEST TOPICS, the book that entertains, captures and inspires; PublishAmerica Inc.
The derisive living truth, escapades, eccentricity, idioms, life and death emotionally awake a preschooler in the Red Army's Rearguard during the WW2 and trigger readers' thrills, laughter and bittersweet tears.
Struck with some hoof-and-mouth disease, S.I. Fishgal spills the guts and teases souls in his potent, rich, vivid, fascinating, stimulating and gripping novel. Explanatory dictionary [W/K] :: Online Free Information Query made the novel exemplary on its key words and idioms. Amazon listed it as most popular in that respect (#1 in UK).
"Wow! It's like Hogan's Heroes, The Yellow Submarine and Saving Private Ryan all in one chapter! And no messy subtitles!" commented Kuroashi in Fathom.org.
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