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15 Mar 2003
From the April 8th New York Times

It could happen on a train, in a restaurant or during an awe-inspiring aria at a performance of "Carmen": a neighbor's cellphone starts bleating the theme song from "Friends," disrupting the mood and setting nerves on edge. Wouldn't it be great, you think to yourself, if this couldn't happen?

Others are thinking likewise, including companies and researchers developing or already selling devices that render cellphones inoperable in certain locations.


But not everyone finds this trend encouraging. Cellphone industry experts and federal regulators deride jammers in particular as unlawful, unethical and even dangerous.

Boo! What do they know :)

Mr. Derosier said that devices like Cell Block's are "questionably legal" in the United States, but he added that with proper disclosure and provisions made for emergencies, there is no reason that they should not be used. The devices are legal in Japan, (emphasis mine) France and Eastern Europe, and in most of South Asia, Africa and the Middle East, he said.

Imagine the joy! I wonder if it takes care of text messages too. I often wonder what people would do if they are stuck on a train and their cellphones can't work. But perhaps blocking cellphones in Japan would result in a jump in violent crime, for which foreigners will be singled out :(...I just can't seem to catch a break...
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