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Idiomatic expressions


12 Apr 2002
I often enjoy attempting to translate some of my favorite English Country Music songs into Japanese as I am listening to them on the radio, for example. I have often wondered what appropriate idomatic equivalents might be to some phrases in English, both in music and in print.

For example: We sometimes sign a letter "Love". What would be the equivalent in Japanese? Japanese letter formats are totally different from the English.

What are some of the terms of endearment in Japanese? "Darling", "Sweetheart", etc?

I like to perform and sing; I need some help, occasionally with some phrases..... of course, there are often significant cultural differences, too, that make simple translation somewhat awkward, to say the least!


Japanese doesn't have so many terms of endearment. They usually come straight from English :

darling = da-ringu
sweetheart = suito ha-to
hitomebore love at first sight..

kataomoi unrequitted love

kubittake head over heels in love
mi wo kogasu --so in love with someone

naresome beginning of love :D
nareai you are too familiar with the other person..so ... the feeling of first love is not there
Thanks for the suggestions on "terms of endearment"! Please keep those phrases coming. I can use them in translations of songs. I work mostly with Country & Western music. Thank you.

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