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ichi the killer


4 Oct 2003
hey everyone!

i bought ichi the killer and thought it was amazing. it may be a knee jerk reaction but it is probably up there with my favourite ever films.

i was wondering what other people who have seen it think of it? and also...Sabu, who plays Kaneko (or Kaneka...cant remember), is very familiar - what else have i seen him in?

i look forward to replies as i am intrigued to hear other peoples opinions on this film

Hey Jovial, this film never got released in the UK, nor did it come out on DVD. I think it was too disgusting for British audience, i did how ever see a clip of the movie and it looked very very sick !! A movie i wouldnt really want to watch, but as i have not seen the whole movie i can not really judge if it is a bad or a good movie!!!
thats odd...i bought it the other week from MVC! maybe it has only recently been released?
Well then i dont know m8, i prob just got it wrong !!! but i read in a movie magazine that it would never get released in the UK, it must have changed!!!!! anyways i still dint like what i saw of it !!
I saw it last night.... wasn't what I expected....of course I watched it with about 7 other people and we werent taking anything to serious :)
just thought id say that ICHI THE KILLER has certainly gone on my list of favourite films, it is one hell of a film, and if you where wondering about Sabu, he is a director in Japan, dont know what films he has done, but he made an appearence in Takashi Miikes SHINJUKU TRIAD SOCIETY, if i do recall correctly, plus the guy who plays Jiji is played by TETSUO director Shinya Tsukamoto, ICHI certainly has one hell of a cast, and if you want to get the uncut version of ICHI you should get the dutch filmworks 2 disc set its exactly the same as the uk premier asia release, but doesnt have the commentary, though it is uncut, the bbfc cut the film by 3 minutes and 15 seconds, which is compltely pointless as the violence in the film is intended to make to shock the audience and lessening this will just ruin its impact, still thats the sort of country we live in folks!!!
Saw it a little while ago. I think it has a lot of creepy twisted humour in it, so in it's way it's quite humorous and entertaining, but also very, very disgusting in it's blood party..
I got hold of a copy of it with English subtitles. Its sitting on my PC in avi format.
Very good , but I havnt watched all of it.
I must look into jpnese movies available in UK so my old dear can send me some for my various birthdays.
The Boiling hot fat on the back was rather nice.

more tea vicar?
Arch said:
Hey Jovial, this film never got released in the UK, nor did it come out on DVD.
Yeah it did... and now it has an uncut European release ^ ^
So you lot can finally see the nipple scene...
I've said it before, and I'll say it again... this film is the absolute shiznit. My 2nd favourite of all time (behind Goldmember) and I got the Episode 0 anime of it last week... which is amazing too... especially seeing as Kakihara is voiced by Takashi Miike himself...
Tongue Scene!!!! ^ ^ 👍
yeah Ichi is ok (some effects were a little cheesy but what can ya do), I read volumes 1-5 of Ichi and I liked them better than the film (i cant find the rest! theyre fansubs that i downloaded. can anyone help?) . but its definetely worth a watch if you can get passed the violence and gore. I personally would have chosen a better ending though (dont worry i'll try not to spoil it). I would have stopped it at the scene where Kakihara is on his knees and ichi is crying in the background (whatelse is new) and Kakihara says something like "damn...no one ever hurts me", If this sounds like a strange place to end it i disagree, i felt that that was the most dramatic and climactic part of the movie. where Kakihara is standing over ichi with his two needles "c'mon" "c'mon get up" not really commanding him but rather like a child begging to play or something, then that music begins to fade in and the camera moves out a little....its brilliant! definetely my favorite scenein the movie. but theyre ending dragged out and, i dont know, it just didnt suit me. good movie overall 7or 8 outta 10

now i want to see Miike's audition, i heard it was better. anyone know of a torrent website where i can get it?
I haven't seen the film, I must say that the first film (and only film) I saw by Takashi Miike really made me think about staying away from Miike's films for a couple of months.....:)
The one I saw was Miike's "Audition." It starts out as a nice romantic drama, however, the last 20-30 mins or so in the film suggests otherwise....I watched it with some friends, and one of them didn't have the nerves to see the rest of the film and sat in a different room waiting for the film to end....

Supposedly, many spectators...especially guys....left the cinema in Japan in the middle of the film, as it was too...erm....violent, bloody, too vivid. 😲

However, as Ichi the Killer is such a cult-movie, I reckon that one day I will pull myself together and watch it, (I am curious to see it anyway)
If I can sit through a Tarantino movie, Battle Royale, and Suicide Club...I can watch Ichi...no? (haha)

has anyone seen "Audition? by the way?"
I've seen Audition, ya it was all drama at first but it got good at the end.

Don't worry go and watch Ichi the killer some parts are kinda funny.

I didn't find it all that disturbing, I though it would be worst. Maybe I watch to much of those surgery shows during my lunch break. Nothing better then a face lift with a tuna sandwich. 🍜
I have now watched Ichi....finally! And I must say that I too liked it. First, I didn't know how violent and sick it would be after having seen 'Audition.' HOwever, it wasn't anything that terrifying as Audition's last 30 minutes....Ichi was more 'mild', and humourous..with the funny dialogues like Tarantino would have planned it...phew! Some of the scenes were exaggerated, but overall, I liked it! [thumbs up]
which version did you see? the one distributed in the US is extemely edited, even the alternative video store that carries oddites and hard to find films didnt have an unedited copy. the only place ive seen an uncut version was on the net, and of course you could get one in japan.
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